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Iraq Shipments

LTS is the diverse interest in Kuwait and Iraq as well as in Middle East. Our company has a special department for doing Iraq shipments and also provides Non Foods, Perishables, Highly Perishables, Non Perishables commodity transport from Kuwait to various U.S military camps and we get better ground support from the U.S military. We are the 2nd expeditors to convict service to any mode any time to give freight solution in Iraq.  
LTS has provide  flat beds, low beds, refrigerated trucks, side wall and tanks to transport all your purpose and provide heavy equipment such as cranes and carts to load all your construction good and any other material. Our own yard to manufacture cabin too. LTS has demonstrated our competence in steel erection and job to fabrications. 
LTS provide a complete door to door service to any Destination in Iraq.
  • Land Safwan boarder.
  • Air freight (Basra Airport,Bagadhad airport and Erbil Airport)
  • Sea freight From Jebel Ali to Umqsar port.


  • Logistics solutions for complicated and critical loads
  • Sectors serviced: MOH,Approval for gas,MOC,MOI,PAI,Approval for Chemical,Baladiya for food approvals
  • Certifications & accreditations
  • End-to-end supply chain solutions
  • Customer service par excellence
  • Capable of executing projects which need cranes and lifting solutions ranging in capacity from 50 to 3000 metric tons.
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Trained professionals at various levels with years of combined experience
  • Our network across 164 countries
  • Customized solutions