Cosmetics & Medical shipments Secure & Reliable

Cosmetics & Medical shipments

LTS is the perfect partner to cosmetics and medicine, when it comes to handle the logistics of our precious product from start to finish. We offer all the services whether small or big shipments. LTS open up to other sectors such as medicine and cosmetic products. In regards to logistics services for the industry of cosmetics, hygiene and beauty, the satisfaction of the client requires with the creation of services tailored to those needs and specific needs.

LTS offer a full range of services; we do all MOH services needed for the shipment of medicine and cosmetics. Also we have our own ministry department to do MOH. We do the services to most leading beauty Co. and pharmacies. Our team have limited time bound to transfer the shipment without any delay. All the things are securely packed and delivered in time bound. We also do special clearance for medicines and cosmetics. 


  • Logistics solutions for complicated and critical loads
  • Sectors serviced: MOH,Approval for gas,MOC,MOI,PAI,Approval for Chemical,Baladiya for food approvals
  • Certifications & accreditations
  • End-to-end supply chain solutions
  • Customer service par excellence
  • Capable of executing projects which need cranes and lifting solutions ranging in capacity from 50 to 3000 metric tons.
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Trained professionals at various levels with years of combined experience
  • Our network across 164 countries
  • Customized solutions