Logistics Secure & Reliable


LTS Logistics company is a key player in the Logistics market, offering warehousing, freight forwarding, transport and stevedoring services in all the regions. LTS pride ourselves in the nimble execution of both complex and straight forward logistics requirements. We invite you to bring to us your difficult logistics challenge. We will be up to the task of tackling and managing your logistics needs with our breadth of execution tools, assets and resources that our companies can bring to bear. Customers rely on us to help them run a smarter business. It's that simple, yet incredibly complex. We look for advantages of structure, scale and integration. Maybe it involves only one of our core offerings. Regardless, LTS helps you excel at every stage in the supply chain. Dynamic routing to help you build region-best combo of carriers, routes and delivery performance.Turn-on-a-dime responsiveness, precise tracking of thousands of individual freight items and custom development of evaluative toolsets to ensure your operation functions smoothly.  


  • Logistics solutions for complicated and critical loads
  • Sectors serviced: MOH,Approval for gas,MOC,MOI,PAI,Approval for Chemical,Baladiya for food approvals
  • Certifications & accreditations
  • End-to-end supply chain solutions
  • Customer service par excellence
  • Capable of executing projects which need cranes and lifting solutions ranging in capacity from 50 to 3000 metric tons.
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Trained professionals at various levels with years of combined experience
  • Our network across 164 countries
  • Customized solutions